Meteora is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1988.

Some of the words people use to describe Meteora are: Magical, immense, serene, sacred, mystical, unique, extraordinary, overwhelming.

The Meteora cliffs were regarded, even from ancient times, as the best place to become totally isolated and be driven to inner peace, harmony and elevetion in spirit. A trip to this holy place will most certainly offer you the experience of nature’s immense power, a historical, architectural and religious journey through time, showing yu clearly the need of human connection to God, the Creator.

When visiting Meteora one should be prepared to expect a trip far more than merely looking at an exquisite landscape since it is and inspiring and sensational setting of overwhelming rock formations.

We copy here some facts found in the official website about Meteora: “The gigantic rocks are perched above the town of Kalambaka, at a maximum height of 400 m (1200 ft). The most interesting summits are decorated with historical monasteries, included in the World Heritage List of Unesco. Only 6 of them have made it through the centuries, from an initial estimated number of 24. Mostly dating to the 14th and until the 16th century, these monasteries were built by monks who were previously hermits in the area, living in individual caves. Once united, these monks took months and years to carry the construction material to the top of rocks, using ropes, folding ladders, nets and baskets, and with much determination.”