About us

ABOUT METEORA VEGAN FITNESS Meteora Vegan Fitness is an experiential wellness seminar platform and an alternative holiday organizer based on the magical area of Meteora in central Greece. This unique geological phenomenon is made of massive rock formations that creates a strong healing energy field. The combination of Meteora and the neighboring mountain line of Pindos witch is full of virgin forests, springs and rivers can provide to the visitors beneficial effects on their body & mind.

Our services are designed for travelers who are looking for quality, beauty and harmony.

Our main activities are the composition of individualized or group seminars and the creation of alternative vacation programs. Everything is designed to provide to the visitors the necessary education and experience that a modern human needs in order to achieve a high level of life quality.

Below you can read briefly some of the modules contained in the seminars and the programs:

- Touring around the unique Holy Monasteries and museums of the area.

- Gazing the sunset from the rocks with the most beautiful view.

- Trekking & walking through the local trails around the area of Meteora enjoying the healing energy and discovering the 'caves of the old Holy hermits'.

- Cosi hospitality in beautiful clean hotels, hostels and guesthouses specially designed & decorated to improve your energy and psychology.

- Tasting the delightful and delicious healthy vegan Greek cuisine.

Seminars :

- The art of bliss and well-being.

- Relaxation methods to relief all kinds of stress.

- Discovering the best food for our body and spirit.

- How to build our emotional and psychological health by creating balanced relationships.

- How to liberate ourselves from toxic habits.

- How to develope our body consciousness.

- How we can feel natural high without chemicals of drugs.

- The miracle of breathing and how to use it properly to create holistic health.

- The harmony of body movement and exercise.

- How to create our personal healthy vegan nutritional program.

- How to start a healthy raw vegan nutrition.

- How to develope our every day healing & detoxing nutritional program.

- How to start a safe and healing detox with juices and herbals.

- How to start cooking healthy and tasty plant based meals.

(Juices, smoothies, snacks, salads, dips, souses, main dishes, sweets & deserts, dehydration, soaking, sprouting, steaming, boiling, baking, frying).

- The value of organic nutrition and the proper use of super foods.

- The value of a high quality night sleep and how to succeed it.

- How to develop a holistic ecological consciousness.

- How to build a ''PEACEFUL SOCIETY'' step by step.